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Coquitlam Winter auto repairs: tools you must always carry

When winter comes, even the invincible vehicle takes a bow. Just because you have a brand new European or domestic car does not mean you can be sure of conquering the winter months with ease. You still have to get your care ready for the toughest winter challenge. Coquitlam Auto Repairs recommends in winter and travelling on icy road, you have these handy tools every time you drive.

A powerful flashlight

It is true that no vehicle seems to get a flat tire in the middle of a sunny bright day. Winter comes with its darkness and seems to be the favorite time for the unimaginable car problems to happen. It does not matter that it is a pitch darkness evening, it is the same time you car chooses to breakdown. With a powerful flashlight, you can put a bright face in the midst of all that darkness. You will be able to see where you are standing or flag down other motorists for help.

Portable battery charger and jumper cable

Auto batteries will surely get a beating from the cold weather. And when they cannot take anymore, they will drop dead no matter how far you are from home. To be ready for such a situation, a portable battery charger in your trunk would become your instant savior. You can boost your battery and get your car back to the road in a few minutes.

If you did not bring the battery booster, you should have a jumper cable somewhere in the trunk. With it you can get a helping hand from a fellow motorist.

First aid kit

Stranded in the middle of nowhere with your car broken down, you will put on your apron, pick up a few spanners and try to fix the problem. Whether you nail the problem or not, you may end up with a pinched finger. This is why you need a first aid kit. Include some bandages, a pair of nonlatex gloves, antiseptic and whatever you would need in times of emergency.

Ice scraper and snow brush

At least 30% of accidents during winter are caused by invisibility. Snow and ice will be falling onto your windshield making it completely impossible to see what is immediately ahead of you. Since the falling snow will not be ending any time soon, you had better come prepared for it. Throw an ice scrapper and snow brush in your trunk. Whenever it becomes visibly challenging, these two handy tools will clear the snow and ice mess on your windshield.

It is not your intention that you will have a bad winter driving experience. In fact, your hope is that your car will pull through the cold months unscathed. However, it is always important to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Carrying some of these handy tools in your trunk may portray you as a pessimist but they will surely come to your help during winter. Look who is having the last laughter!